Automatic Train and Bogie wash plant

Aquafrisch designs train wash systems out of modular technology enabling top results in cleaning quality and reducing drastically working times. Modular technology suits metro, tram, light and mainline rail applications including high speed trains.

Cleaning process can be either stationary (train moves through washing station) or mobile (train remains stationary) The equipment cleans lateral sides of the car, with an option to include the front and back.In its normal mode, the train washing machine operates automatically. Start-up is controlled by the arrival of a train and various sequences take place depending on the type of car, which is determined by photocell and/or a proximity detector. In manual mode, these sequences are controlled by pushbuttons.Aquafrisch takes special care of security questions in all equipments. For wash carriage safe systems are developed to enable washing process with or without current in catenary as well as safety elements for brush contact.All wash carriage equipments can be tailored to customers needs and have the option to include osmotic systems which will improove greatly wash quality in areas with low quality waters. At the same time Aquafrisch wash carriage equipments include water recycling systems to make possible reuse of water in first steps of washing process and keep it respectful with environment.

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