Hydraulic Tools

Germany leader in hydraulic tools.

Many sell cylinders, but only LUKAS is truly focused on its customers. Our goal is to offer you the best products with the best performance, based on the best advice. That explains why your strong partners are distinguished by these traits:

Our products are known for their workmanship, long service life and low maintenance. LUKAS will be a strong partner in every situation, for a long time. Our cylinders are often in service for decades, providing loyal service day in and day out.


No other manufacturer of hydraulic tools has been making light-alloy cylinders longer than LUKAS. Competent advice based on the greatest experience - that is what distinguishes our advisers. Only those with intimate knowledge of their products can find the best solution for every scenario.

Customer Focus

LUKAS is the only manufacturer to sell its products itself. Your benefit: We are in better touch with your needs and will certainly find the right product for your requirements. And if not, we'll simply develop it. You can find this kind of flexibility only at LUKAS.

High Quality

We produce exclusively in Germany. In addition, we practice rigorous quality control from inspection of incoming materials to final inspection of finished products so that your investment pays off in performance - and our partnership is long and successful.

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