special purpose Road Rail Vehicle

ZWEIWEG-Rail cleaning units are operating in railway stations and on tracks all over Europe in order to remove garbage, dirt and other debris from the track. High-quality, innovative technology achieves an optimum cleaning result and make the ZWEIWEG-rail cleaning vehicle an indispensable aide for a smooth course of operations Cleaning Vehicle for Grooved Rails Every minute counts when there is a fire in a tunnel. Therefore our vehicles are equipped with all necessary tools and equipment for the case of emergency. The advantage: the scene can be reached on the shortest way possible.Various types of track guiding systems enable a very precise guiding of the cleaning device in and along the rails even at very small curve radii of less than 20 meters. Track Cleaning Vehicles The revolutionary way of cleaning your tracks: This worldwide unique patented suction system is able to remove even heavy objects such as bottles from the track, without taking away the ballast which is important for the cushioning effect in the track.Track Maintenance Vehicles For maintenance of the track and its surrounding areas, we are offering vehicles that come with miscellaneous equipment: be it for mowing, mulching, weed control etc. The utilization ratio of a ZWEIWEG-track maintenance vehicle is very high due to its multiple applications, thus ensuring low investment costs and operating expenses. 

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