To Our Customers...  

We have dedicated teams of experienced Service Engineers, trained at the facilities of our overseas principals. Services that we provide are:-  
Health check-up and Inspection services for the operational equipment: In order to prevent break-down of the equipment, we ensure - with our inspection and preventive maintenance services - smooth and continuous functioning of the equipment to the best satisfaction of the end user.           

Inspection, installation and commissioning of equipment:
Our competent and experienced service team helps customers reduce operational costs to a large extent by providing these services, which would be many times costlier if sourced from overseas OEMs.          

After - sales services:
After successful installation and commissioning of the equipment, wherever warranted, PIA also undertakes responsibility for maintenance of the equipment to ensure its uninterrupted performance during the defect liability period ( DLP ) and throughout the life of equipment.      

Emergency repairs of equipment under break-down:
Our experienced service engineers, stationed at various locations in India are available to attend emergency calls at short notice. This is a big comfort for customers who source equipment from overseas OEMs. They get high quality services at short notice and affordable prices.

AMC services:  We undertake Annual maintenance contracts (AMC) of the equipment supplied by us and our principals. Our qualified service engineers regularly undertake annual maintenance contracts of the equipment supplied by our principals. PIA also maintains inventory of critical spares of many equipment, imported from OEMs for this purpose.

Reference Visits: Visits by potential customers/consultants to other customers locations for assessing equipment supplied by us or our principals. This instills confidence in such potential customers and also saves costs, time for them as well as our principals for organizing such reference visits outside India.

To Our Principals...

Rich experience: With our rich experience of working closely with foreign companies and the Indian RailwaysMetro Railways and Indian Industry for 2 decades plus, we make it simpler for our principals to understand well the Indian customers and their working systems.  Like in all nations, Indian customers have their unique culture, systems and processes which may not always be easily understood or followed by overseas suppliers. Our experience in simplifying and guiding our principals through these systems and processes has been of great help to them, leading eventually to greater success. 

Systems & Processes: We assist our principals to conduct their business in our territory in the most appropriate, legal and ethical manner. Our overseas principals need to be careful in following the stringent codes of conduct applicable both in India and in their respective countries - while doing business with India. Our involvement ensures they do not overstep any local laws or procedures. 

Logistic support
: We provide the foreign companies with complete logistic support, as required by customers during procurement of their equipment. Normally this is quite challenging for foreign companies while working in India on turnkey projects. We take up such support and do not leave it for our principals to face unforeseen situations and allied costs. 

: We arrange approval of their products/equipment with government agencies. Navigating through complicated approval processes in India and neighboring countries, co-ordination with various Government agencies and departments is our forte and an invaluable service to our principals. 

After Sales Services
: We provide after sales service for equipment supplied by our principals, thus facilitate single point local contact, both for our principals and customers. Since no foreign manufactured equipment is usually procured without assurance of local service support, our aftermarket services provide immense comfort level- to the customers looking for sourcing quality equipment, and- for the suppliers alike- thereby creating a win-win situation.